4 Ways to Throw a Cost-Effective and Memorable Corporate Event

When we say ‘high-impact’ we don’t mean to your budget.

Tap into Local Talent

What about hiring the local school’s marching bands or color guards for a dramatic, bold opener to start your general session or even “parade” to a walkable dine-around spot? High school bands and color guards typically only require a donation (in the amount of your choice) to perform.

Build a Theme around Reused Collateral or Decor

Creating branded materials, such as custom bar fronts, templates, and gobo lights, that are kept and reused for a few years offer better value than having to re-create the collateral every year.

Focus on the Big Decor and Entertainment, Not the Little Things

Focus on nailing the perimeter decor to tie the theme together. If the goal is a beach theme, you don’t necessarily need upgraded linens and chairs – allocating resources to perimeter decor, like palm trees, surfboards, and large prints of beach items, packs a much bigger visual punch.

Go with Food Trucks

Food truck parties are often less pricey than fully catered events and can be a fun alternative to clients who want to do something a little funky. These days, there are so many food truck options that you can offer a variety of food options to please all tastes.