Workshops :: Infusing Meetings With Hands-On Experiences

April is a great month to start planning meetings for the year. Instead of long-winded speeches, combine short talks with activities that provide your team with first-hand opportunities to apply what they are learning. Workshops have been proven to add extreme value to learning, while also aiding in the stress reduction of the attendees.

Last month The Little Wellness Place and Ember hosted a wellness retreat that highlighted some key components of a successful workshop. Here's our take on how to ensure that your meeting or workshop is a truly engaging experience.


Find A Flexible Space

In order to create an environment that is productive, you'll need to think beyond the typical conference room setting. Find a venue or co-working space with a layout that supports your vision. A flexible space creates a sense of excitement for your team or attendees, well before the workshop or meeting even begins.

Get Creative With Seating Options & Mingling Spaces

Create unique settings for each activity or idea. Sectioning off the the venue into separate spaces can draw in the attention of your team or guests. Providing comfortable seating arrangements that is specific to each activity makes a huge difference in attendee focus and retention.


Make Food & Drinks A Priority

Don't forget the brain fuel! In order to keep everyone engaged, provide attendees with healthy options to snack on throughout the event or build in some time for a lunch or snack break. Instead of seeing this a compulsory need, value these breaks as an opportunity for group interaction and networking.

Keep The Creative Juices Flowing With Take-Home Tools

The learning doesn't have to stop when the workshop ends! Encourage your attendees to apply what they have learned by providing take-aways to bring home with them. This will encourage retention and ensure that your workshop is an unforgettable experience.

We also wanted to give an extra shout out to the women of The Little Wellness Place for sweeping at Salt Lake City Weekly's Best of Utah.


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Stay tuned for more Workshops from The Little Wellness Place and Ember!