Outside Vendor Standards

OPEN VENDOR POLICY. You read that right! Bring in your favorite vendors or any of Ember's Community Vendors. Ember's Community Vendors have experience working at Ember and are familiar with our regulations, policies, and procedures. Client(s) are NOT required to use our recommended Community Vendors, but the Client will be held responsible if the outside vendors do not uphold the following requirements.

  1. INSURANCE—all caterers & bartenders working at Ember are required to have a valid certificate of insurance & business license issued by The State of Utah. We must have a copy of these certificates on file with us at a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date or the vendors may be turned away from the event.

  2. KITCHEN POLICY—Ember’s kitchen is to be used for final food presentation, plating and bussing only. Please note that Ember does not provide dishes, glassware, pots, pans, knives or utensils.

  3. TRASH REMOVAL— Caterers must remove all trash, composting and recyclables from the site as we do not have adequate disposal facilities. All trash, including sorted recyclables and properly sorted compostables, must be collected, properly bagged and removed by the caterer.


Ember’s recommended Community vendors

We have had great experiences with the following companies. Do you know a company that belongs on this list? Let us know!


Du Soleil :: http://dusoleilslc.com/



Magleby's :: http://www.utahcatering.com/



LUX Catering :: https://www.luxcateringandevents.com/




Nice & Easy :: https://niceandeasy.co/



Havana Eats :: https://www.havanaeats.co/

Fiore Pizza :: http://www.fiorepizza.co/

Nomad Eatery :: https://www.nomad-eatery.com/

Waffle Love :: http://www.waffluv.com/

Normal Ice Cream :: https://www.normal.club/


Joshy Soul :: Joshy Soul - Spotify



The Mix Band :: The Mix Band - Soundcloud




Mike Varanakis :: http://totheninesentertainment.com/

Jive :: http://www.utahjive.com/dj-services/

Life of the Party :: http://life-of-the-party.com/


Social Light :: https://sociallightphoto.com/photo-booth-rentals-in-salt-lake-city/

Photo Collective Studios :: https://www.photocollectivestudios.com/photobooth/

The Photo Bus :: http://photoboothbus.com/


Alcohol at Ember

The following are approved options for having alcohol served at private events at Ember.

Option 1 -  Ember Bartender :: One licensed bartender with or without bar back (depending on # of guests).

 > Service Inclusions ::

  • One professional bartender

  • 2 Bins for canned or bottled drinks to stay chilled

  • 1 Bin to hold served Ice in for consumption

  • Bottle opener and basic bartending tools

  • 1 Water dispenser for guests

   > Client's Responsibilities ::

  • Client is responsible for providing their Ember Coordinator with a menu of what will be served to guests at least 1 week prior to the event date so that Bartender can be prepared with the proper tools and set-up instruction.

  • Purchasing and bringing in all beverages (ie. alcohol, mixers, non-alcoholic beverages, water bottles, etc.) to Ember on the day of the event at least 1 hour before the bartender is expected to begin serving as agreed to by client and coordinator.

  • Purchasing and bringing in all beverage supplies (ie. garnishes, ice, cups, cocktail napkins, specific beverage displays, printed menus.

  • Ember's Bartending service must be selected and paid for at least 30 days prior to the event date in order to guarantee bartender availability. If Client does not select and pay for Ember’s Bartending Service before 30-day deadline, client will have 14 days to approve an Ember In-House Bartending service at a rush fee of +25% subject to in-house bartender availability, or alcohol will not be permitted during event.

Option 2 - Bartending Service of Choice :: Client can utilize a bartending service of their choosing as long as we have a copy of company license and license of each bartender that will be in attendance in our hands a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date. If Ember does not receive and approve license by the 30-day deadline, client will have 14 days to approve an Ember In-House Bartending service at a rush fee of +25% subject to in-house bartender availability, or alcohol will not be permitted during event.

> Service Inclusions ::

  • Ember is not responsible for providing any bar supplies or staff if this option is  chosen. All water dispensers, tools, ice bins, alcohol, beverages, etc. are the responsibility of the client or outside bar service being utilized.

> Client's Responsibilities ::

  • Client will be responsible for contacting and negotiating all bar service transactions with their chosen bar service/vendor. Ember is not responsible for managing any aspect of the bar service when this option is chosen. 

The following are non-negotiable conditions for having alcohol at private events at Ember.

Alcohol may not be sold - Including indirect sales of alcohol such as charging an admission fee, donations requested, or tickets sold to the event. A permit will be required for any event with direct or indirect sales, such as the ones listed above, even if the event is not open to the public.

> For the event to be considered private and not require a permit, the event may not be open to the  general public - The General public includes anyone drawn from the general public by word of mouth, advertisements, signing up on social media, magazines, newspapers, tickets given from a radio show, tickets given out from targeted ads or tickets randomly passed out on the street etc. These, and other similar scenarios are all considered publicly invited events and a permit will be required.

No kegs allowed - The keg laws prohibit anyone, other than licensed or permitted beer retailers, from being in possession of beer in containers larger than two liters. It also prohibits beer distributors or wholesalers from selling keg beer to anyone other than a licensed or permitted beer retailer. Any beer served at your private event must be purchased at retail stores in bottles or cans.

Alcohol must be purchased in Utah - You may serve any liquor, wine or beer at the event as long as it has been properly purchased in Utah.

Special Event Permit is required under the following conditions for events at Ember.

> A permit is required for any event, private or public, where alcohol is sold, either directly or indirectly - Note that it is not legal to serve alcohol to the general public for free.

If alcohol is sold:

  • Directly at a cash bar

  • Indirectly as part of a ticket, admission, donation, or registration price, or

  • If you invite the general public to attend, whether by word of mouth, social media or through public advertising.

You will need a permit.

Ember is not responsible for issuing, managing or acquiring any permits for your event - Event Permits are issued by the DABC Director contingent on review of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. Each permit has a fee, requires you to get the written consent of the local jurisdiction where the event will be held, and that you pay a cash bond to DABC or obtain a surety bond for the duration of the event. Please note that each local jurisdiction has its own procedures for issuing local consent. You will find local consent and bond forms are in the application packets on the DABC website.

Please work with your locality to ensure that local consent is given to you in time for DABC processing - Complete applications should be submitted to DABC at least 30 days prior to the event. Applications submitted outside of these guidelines risk non-issuance of a permit. Additionally, Due to statutory restrictions, applications received less than 7 business days prior to the event will not be considered.

The following are options & conditions for Special Event Permits issued by the State of Utah.

1. TEMPORARY BEER EVENT PERMITS - If you only want to sell beer (beer is defined by Utah Statute as 3.2% by weight) at your event, you will need a "Temporary Beer Event Permit" from the DABC in addition to any that are required by a city, town, or county in which the event is held. Each Temporary Beer Event permit cannot exceed 30 days. The sale of beer under a series of permits issued to the same person may not exceed 90 days in any one calendar year. Permits costs $100 and the refundable bond is $500.00 for the duration of the event.

Detailed Temporary Special Event Beer Permit Summary 

2. SINGLE EVENT PERMITS - If you want to sell beer and/or liquor (distilled spirits, wine and full-strength beer) at your event you must obtain a "Single Event Permit" from the DABC in addition to any that are required by a city, town, or county in which the event is held. There are some limitations associated with these permits:

  • Single Event Permits are only available to bona fide corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations, incorporated associations, churches, and political organizations that are conducting a convention, civic or community enterprise and have been in existence for at least one year prior to the date of application.  They are also available to recognized subordinate lodges, chapters, or other local units of these entities.

  • Each qualified organization may have up to 4 permits per calendar year for a time period that that does not exceed 120 consecutive hours (5 days) for each permit; or

  • Up to 12 permits per calendar year for a time period that does not exceed 72 consecutive hours each (3 days) for each permit.

  • Each permit costs $125.00 and the refundable bond is $1000.00 for the duration of the event.

Detailed Single Event Permit Summary